Dining Chair Buying Guide

Dining Chairs


If your dining chairs are purchased separately, it is important to understand the differences in sizes. Most dining tables are 29 to 30 inches tall, and you want about 12 inches from seat to the top of the table. Look for dinging chairs that are 18 to 19 inches tall for standard height tables.  Another way that many shoppers take is to buy dining chair sets.  Often times you can find better prices by buying dining chair sets that usually include at least 4 dining chairs.  Buying dining chairs sets also brings cohesion and symmetry to your dining room furniture collection because it assures that all the dining chairs will be the same size, style and shape.

From classic to contemporary, ShipAroom.com has hundreds of dining chair sets to suit your home furniture collection. Often times contemporary dining chairs have less padded seating and focus on style.  In contract, classic dining chairs often are upholstered with thick padded seating, and will be more comfortable.  Most of our dining chair selection focuses on contemporary and modern styling and thus their frames are usually polished chrome, metal, or stainless steel. Most of our dining chair sets are also stackable making them both stylish and convenient.