Dining Table Buying Guide

Dining Tables


Dining Table Size


Dining tables come in many sizes and it is important to choose a table that is appropriately sized for your room.  Before deciding upon a table, you will need to measure the dimensions of your room to assure space for walking and pulling out of chairs.  A general rule of thumb is to allow 48 inches from the edge of the table the wall of the room.   Dining tables need to measure around 36 to 42 inches wide to allow for food and place settings.   One mistake people typically make is they push one side of the table against a wall to maximize walking room on one side.   Instead, chose a smaller, round dinning table so your room will feel much larger. 

Dining Table Shape

The shape of your table will determine the size.   Generally,  circular tables are much smaller but they can also be very large.   For large rooms, a long, rectangular dining room table works best.  

Circular dining tables are great for creating a social atmosphere and encourage conversation.  But be very careful that your table is not too big.  Circular tables that seats more than 6 will be very large and may make your room feel extremely small. 

A small square dining table is  also great for creating a social atmosphere.  They can be intimate just like round tables and great for small groups of 4 to 6 people.

Dining Table Style and Color

The style of your dining table will set the style for the rest of your room.  If you are going for a formal looking dining room, wood tables are typically more formal.   The darker stain the wood, the more formal it will be.  Pine tables and lighter stain woods have a less formal feel. 

Metal and glass tables are much more modern.  However, they can also be very formal as well.  The darker the metals, the more formal your table will feel where lighter, shiny steel and aluminum suggest a more casual feel.

Common wood colors include:

Walnut: a chocolate brown color
Mahogany: a medium brown to deep brown and dark red
Cherry: a light brown to dark reddish brown
Oak: a greyish brown if it is white oak or a reddish cast if it is red oak
Pine: a light yellow color


Which size table should I buy?


The following sizes and seating capacity are approximate. 


Square tables:
52 inch x 52 inch (seats 6 - 8)

Oblong and oval tables:
52 inch x 70 inch (seats 6 - 8)
60 inch x 84 inch (seats 8 - 10)
60 inch x 102 inch (seats 10 - 12)
60 inch x 120 inch (seats 12 - 16)
60 inch x 142 inch (seats 12 - 16)
70 inch x 64 inch (seats 10 - 12)
70 inch x 72 inch (seats 10 - 12)
70 inch x 96 inch (seats 10 - 12)
70 inch x 114 inch (seats 12 - 16)
70 inch x 126 inch (seats 12 - 16)
70 inch x 144 inch (seats 12 - 16)

Round tables:
36-inch diameter (seats 4)
48-inch diameter (seats 4 - 6)
60-inch diameter (seats 6 - 8)