Dining Set Buying Guide

Many of our customers prefer to purchase a dining set rather than separately buying a dining table and dining chair sets.  This is because it is much easier for online shoppers to envision exactly what the set will look like, and they know the dimensions and styles will be in perfect cohesion.  When dining set shopping, it's important to thoroughly analyze its purpose, style and shape. 

How many guests do you expect to usually entertain?  That answer should immediately help you narrow down the search.  If you only think you'll be entertaining for 6 people, than why buy a 10-person dining set?  Will the dining set be used primarily for eating, or do you expect it to be used often times for homework, painting, etc.?  You also have to look at what type of people will be using the dining set.  Do you have small children who will be constantly running into it with their toys?  If so, you may want to hold off on buying a more expensive, contemporary dining furniture set.  Also, depending on your guests can determine what type of material of your dining set should be.  Glass dining tables are ultra stylish and modern; however, they do require more upkeep as the glass table tops often times collect hand marks.  Wooden dining furniture sets on the other hand do not require much maintenance, are probably a bit more durable, and more traditional.  Then again, they also will not bring your home that contemporary distinctive furniture piece that a glass dining furniture set will. 

As a rule of thumb, square and round tables make the most of smaller spaces. In contrast, rectangular and circular dining tables are far better suited for larger spaces such as expansive dining rooms or large open areas. Square and circular dining tables though also seat less people usually than oval or rectangular dining tables.  Circular and square dining tables often seat up 4-6 and will be a more space efficient, practical choice. 

We carry hundreds of dining set options in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  If you have a modern home furniture collection, it often times make sense to complement it with a modern dining furniture set.  The same goes for classic home furniture collections and classic dining furniture sets. Otherwise, your home decor will look like each item was purchased independently and separately with no regards for its surrounding decor.  Wood table dining sets are usually more classic than glass table dining sets.  To assess whether a dining furniture set is modern or traditional, an easy way is to look at the tables legs and table top.  These are details you probably would not notice at first but are infinitely important in determining the style of your dining furniture set. Chrome, metal and stainless steel based dining tables usually reflect a modern dining set while wooden legs and table top often times are for more classic dining sets.