Sofa Buying Guide


Including sofas and sofa sets are the largest pieces of furniture in your living room. Decorating is inspired by the sofa; friends and family use and abuse the sofa; but with all of the sofas, sofa sets, and sectional sofas available, basing your choice solely on looks will only get you so far. Let us help you know how to buy a sofa you'll love without the usual confusion surrounding sofa shopping.


When sofa shopping online, there are several things to keep in mind:



         Size and type



Sofa Material


Pay careful attention to sofa fabric.  It needs to be made to withstand serious wear and tear from children, pets, and everyday use.  Otherwise it will age rapidly.  When selecting your sofa fabric, take into consideration a few things:


         Intended use for sofa:  Is the couch going to be used occasionally or everday?

         Lifestyle:  Do you sit on your sofa to watch big sports games and invite the neighborhood, or will pets and kids be on the couch bouncing around?

         Style:  Does the home reflect a casual or formal or casual style?

         Sofa Placement:  Will the sofa be in a family room where kids play on it or in a room where only guests use it?


Tightly woven fabrics and blends tend to last longer than other fabrics, like velvet, which can wear out over time. Loosely woven fabrics have larger holes, which can catch on things, such as a watch, belt buckle or clothing ornamentation. If you have a busy lifestyle that includes kids, microfiber is durable and easy to clean.

Leather is also durable and easy to clean (brushed leather will spot when wet). Leather is also more expensive. Leather-match, which is a leather and vinyl combination, has made leather sofas much more affordable.  The two main types of sofas are: microfiber sofa sets and leather sofa sets.

Sofa Size and Type

Depending on your needs, there are various sizes and types of sofas.

         Sofas: Regular sofas range anywhere from 6 to 8 feet long and can fit two to three people comfortably. This type of sofa will fit comfortably in most living rooms. Make sure you leave enough room to walk around your living room furniture.

         Loveseats: Range from 5 to 6 feet in length and can fit two people comfortably. Loveseats are perfect for small spaces, like apartments, dens and even bedrooms.

         Sectional sofas: Sectionals are fantastic for many spaces. They range anywhere from 9 to 14 feet and can fit many people comfortably. For large living rooms and family rooms sectional sofas are perfect. You can also separate pieces and use them in smaller spaces.

Sofa Style

The sofa style you need depends on your individual taste and preference.  The main components of a sofas design include the arms and cushions, back style, the feet, and the skirt.

         Sofa Arms:  Sofa arms can be low, high, curved, or square, upholstered, or bare wooden arms.

         Sofa Cushions:  Sofa cushions can be loose or strapped in place.  The number of cushions usually dictates how many people can sit on sofa.  Loose cushions may be flipped over to hide stains or wear and tear.

         Back Style:  Tight back sofas can have a formal or contemporary look.  Formal sofa features would include buttons, while a sleek, smooth one piece back has a contemporary look.  Loose back sofas are casual and comfortable as they can be removed.

         Sofa Feet:  Traditional sofa feet are carved out of wood and ornate.  More modern sofa feet are sleek and straight, made of wood or metal.

         Sofa Skirt: Skirts are along the bottom of the sofa to hide the feet and provide style.  Some skirts look formal and others casual.  Not all sofas come with a skirt.